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                Copyright 2011.  All rights reserved. All information on this website is property of Brewster Marble Co. and may not be used without expressed
                Delighting our Customers for 30 years.

                Brewster Marble Co. is a professional stone fabrication
                and installation corporation, and we have been in
                business since 1987. We specialize in Custom natural
                stone and engineered stone for kitchen counter tops,
                fireplaces, showers and more. While our specialty is
                custom homes, over the years we have furnished and
                installed projects including tract home developments,
                multi-family condominiums and apartments, as well as
                commercial projects including up-scale hotels.

                    Our goals and commitments:
                #1 in quality and Service.

                We work on every job with the utmost care in both of these
                departments. Our dedication to quality and service is evidenced by our
                on-going process to become certified by the National Association of
                Home Builders for our Quality Assurance Program. One of the points of
                priority in our record is our dedication to prompt response to customer
                Masters of our Craft

                We employ experienced craftsmen, engineers and managers at all
                levels. All of our fabrication and installation is performed by our own
                crews. The Fabrication plant is state of the art and includes modern
                computer-aided equipment to ensure quality, efficiency and a timely
                delivery. Our goal is controlled growth to ensure our level of quality and
                service commitment.
                To continue delighting all of our customers
                To keep focusing on quality and service
                To keep our facility technologically up to
                date, clean and reliable to maintain our high
                standards and use our resources to their full
                We also provide Slab Refinishing and
                Texturing.  Finishes include:
                Hone, Polish, Brushing (Leather),
                Bushhammer, Linear Scratch and Sandblasted
                CSLB LICENSE NO: 686695