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                Copyright 2011.  All rights reserved. All information on this website is property of Brewster Marble Co. and may not be used without expressed
                About Us
                Where we are and Where we serve.

                Our fabrication plant is centrally located in Chatsworth, California. From
                here, we are
                currently performing installations in Santa Barbara,
                Bakersfield, Palm Desert, Orange County, North San Diego County, and
                of course all of Los Angeles County.

                We also package and ship fabricated material all over the world.  
                Founded in 1987 by Dominick Zeolla and his son Teo Zeolla, Brewster
                Marble Co., Inc has been delighting customers for over 30 years.

                Dominick Zeolla, along with his brother John, was the Owner of North
                Hollywood Marble since 1967.  At one time North Hollywood Marble
                was the largest marble company west of the Mississippi.  Teo started
                working for his dad when he was 7 years old, and continued working for
                him at the marble shop on weekends and over the summer holiday.

                From 1978 to 1983 Teo attended California Polytechnic State University,
                San Luis Obispo.  He majored in Architecture and received his B.S.
                Degree in Construction.  After college he worked for some large
                construction firms, learning the "other side" of the business.

                In 1992 Dominick passed away, and Teo took over as the sole owner of
                Brewster Marble.

                The shop foreman, Martin "Jaime" Ramirez, has been with Brewster since
                the beginning.

                We specialize in custom, complicated work.  With all our cumulative
                experience we can creatively solve any stone fabrication or installation
                project you can come up with.

                Our Motto - "We can do anything you can write a check for".
                5-AXIS SAW
                CNC ROUTER
                SLAB FINISHER